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The point, score and XP statistics

    The points

    A user's "points" is a measure of how well the player has performed playing Realms of Rivalry. When a player attends multiplayer skirmishes, 1/10 of his/hers current points are placed in the "pot". The winner of the game receives the full pot. New players start with 100 points. At the beginning of every month the points are reset. At the end of the month, the player with the most points is deemed the victor of that month.

    The victor of the month will get his/her name on the Hall of Fame!

    Since the ante to join a round is 1/10 of a player's points, you receive more by winning over players with many points, and less beating people who have lost a lot in the past. When losing, on the other hand, you deplete more if you already have a lot of points, but little if you only have a small amount of points.

    If a game ends because it runs out of turns, and there are more than two players, the "pot" is divided in such a way that the winner gets 75%, and the runner-up gets 25%.

    What if someone leaves during a game?
    When a game is abandoned by all players, ie., the game has no victors, no points are won nor lost. If a player leaves a realm, and the other player(s) continue the game until it is finished, the pot is given to the winner. That is, if you leave a game, you lose your ante if the others refuse to leave as well.

    The scores

    The "score" is just a measure of how much damage a player has inflicted when gaming in a realm. Inflicting damage to human-controlled opponents, gives double the score. The one with the most score when the number of turns is up, wins. The game can of course end sooner if anyone kills all other human opponents. When getting the kill of another human opponent's character, you get a 50 score bonus. Your score and current rank are located just above the team banners.

    The XP

    The "xp" is a measure of how much a user has played Realms of Rivalry. When a game gets finished, the user's score is added to the xp statistic.

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