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Here is what I feel you should all know:

Right-click to move and attack.

Warriors can take a lot of damage they are not swimming in water, so use their close-range attack whenever you can.

Archers have powerful long-range attacks, but do not let any skeletons hit your archers, or you might get killed before the skeleton.

Mages have the coolest attacks (and perhaps an advantage against beetles)? I find that mages are best used as a support unit (eg. healer, loot-transporter, rearguard) and that they deal good damage when they are with your warrior. Do not let your mage in front of your warrior, because mages cannot take much damage before dying.

If you are over-powered, run-away, and then face the enemy so that he cannot hit you from behind!

The best learning strategy is to lose :)



Nice tactics, that is what I have been doing :) except I figured that the archer is my most prized character once you get the "Long Bow & Ring of Mobility" :D

Decking out characters

Items that I like to give my heroes asap


1) Longsword

2) Metal Shield

3) Hetal Helmet

4) Ring of Mobility

5) Mushrooms


1) Longbow

2) Wooden Shield/Metal Helmet

3) Ring of Mobility

4) Grapes

5) Wooden Shield/Metal Helmet (the other one)


1) Wand of Healing (Keep wand of fire unless you really need the gold)

2) Ginsing


Your fighter and archer are you weapons, your mage is your shield. If you keep your fighter out of water and it's back protected, it shouldn't take much damage once it's armour is on. Rush it towards any enemy you see and slaughter them (but keep out of water).

Your archer is good because it is long range, water is an archer's friend because it can stand on one side of a river and pick off all the enemies with special attacks (recomended with shortbow) or normal attacks (recomended with longbow) Your enemy will then have to decide to rush you (if it can) or run (if it can) monsters will not run, if they can't rush you they'll stand there untill you've killed them. If they rush you they'll take water penalty and should therefore be easier to hit and won't be able to harm you (with the exception of bats, who are weak enough to kill anyways).

Your mage is there to heal your other 2 heroes. quick attacks are nearly useless for a mage, always get close to your fighter/archer and use a normal or special attack. a good normal attack should heal 1 hp, special 2hp. If your mage gets attacked by a betle or a rat it'll be able to win, switch to fire wand and eliminate the foe, if it's a bat or a skeliton it's usually advisable to run and get the archer or fighter to kill the monster. Before your acher/fighter get thier armour they are likely to take some substantial damage, so a wand of healing is usually the first item I buy from the store.

The deal with water:

Fighter: stay away from water as much as possible, if a group of monsters (or players) you want to kill can only be got at from water, get your archer to create space, or buy a potion of levitation to clear a landing.

Archer: water is your friend, see above.

Mage: Water is annoying, but seeing as the mage is probably not going to attack/be attacked, it's just the 8ap movement cost that's a problem.

In PvP matches, keep your heroes close togeather, if you get into any real combat with another player, numbers matter more than equipment (in most cases)

In PvE you can spread out a bit more, to find and kill more monsters, but stay close enough so the mage can go between your fighter/archer as healing is nessesary.



Excellent guide, Robsta! I certainly agree with your strategy, as well as how to use the ranged characters like the archer and mage. I just want to point out one tip: The mage deals higher damage against skeletons than an archer does. Has anyone else noticed this?

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