Realms of Rivalry - Free Online Multiplayer Turn-based Strategy RPG

  • What is Realms of Rivalry?

    Realms of Rivalry is a turn-based multiplayer strategy game with roleplay elements. The game has many similarities to classic titles like Space Crusade and the X-Com series.

  • Why did we make this game?

    This is exactly the game we've been wanting to play for years. Tired of all the eyecandy-games with little or no substance, we decided to take the matter in our own hands and this is what we came up with :)

  • Does this game have multiplayer?

    Yes, 2-4 players can join up and battle for domination!

  • Does this game have a singleplayer mode?

    Not really. Realms of Rivalry is designed to be played by 2-4 players, but it is possible to play alone - just not as rewarding :)

  • Middle-mouse-click to center map doesnt work?

    You can press and hold CTRL while you left-click somewhere on the map to center on that location.

  • Realms? Is that like huge worlds where i can run around forever and meet other people and do quests and stuff?

    No, a Realm is a 15x15 square random-generated gameworld where 1-4 players can battle against eachother.
    All realms have, in theory, the same difficulty level but since the gameworlds are random-generated there will be some differences here and there.

  • Where is the fancy 3D with dynamic lighting and volumetric shadows?

    It was kicked to the curb by Mr.Pixel!

  • Can I play fullscreen?

    The Java sandbox doesn't allow changing screen resolution, but you can toggle between a "semi" fullscreen mode during the game by holding down the alt key and then hitting enter. This mode places a black border around the game map.

  • Why does everything feel sluggish and the animations are far from smooth?

    It might be that Java is unable to make your gfx card do the job of pasting the alpha transparency-enabled images on screen, thereby making your CPU do all the work. Try updating your gfx card drivers, and switch to a 32bit color-depth screenmode.
    If you are using linux, it might be that Java is unable to accelerate image blitting regardless of your card/driver setup. In that case, we regrettably have to say that all you can hope for is that Sun inc. updates their runtime environments :( We are currently using pure Java2D and is in the foreseeable future sticking to that.

Realms of Rivalry (c) 2006-2011 nixrlame & moonlord
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